A hyperlocal marketplace for Businessmen.

For the Customers

We fetch you products and deals from the local stores near you which will be delivered at your doorstep within an hour without you taking even a step.

For Businessmen

We give you leads to orders in an around your city, which will help you to thrive your business in this competitive market.

How are we different?

About 93% of the sales in India take place offline with the industry being close to 850 Billion dollars. We cater that demands by closing the gap between the local re-seller and the customer.

About Us

We are in the process of building a product that can eliminate all the hassles involved in getting a great product at our doors, quickly and at a great and effective price. Studies have revealed most offline business tend to offer even better prices than the online stores in some cases , that is the sole idea behind Stuffdeck. We will be accessible on Android, iOS and Web very soon. Watch this space.

Contact us

Mail: for all queries.